Why? - MrSingular
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Before the why of this project we will tell you a little about us so that we begin to know each other.

We are Nacho Gracia and David Garriga, friends and both graphic designers. Our lives have been finding each other over time.

At first sharing long conversations after class in a bar in Barcelona. Then at the Elisava design school where apart from sharing projects, we also enjoyed many good moments unleashing our creativity along with a couple of beers. And later as adventure companions. Kayaking, mountaineering, paddle tennis or mountain skiing.

Yes, we like nature! and from here we started collaborating in professional design work until we saw that we formed a good team and shared both values and criteria. And after long conversations about life, Mr. Singular was born.


Why it’s simple, we love to look for the beauty of things and we share a deep awareness that we have to take care of our planet. So we wanted to do our bit by creating handmade pieces of sustainable design. We recovered old objects in disuse, rescued wood from the beach and the mountain and recycled different materials to give a second life to these objects enhancing their maximum beauty. Turning them into unique pieces of decoration, with a new personality and to make them last in time.

Based on the concept of what is called upcycling, we want to squeeze our creativity being consistent with a new system of life more sustainable and in line with our times.

Our goal is that our products reach your homes not only for their aesthetic value, but also for their philosophy, for their production process km 0, for the collaboration with local artisans and for the awareness of a responsible consumption.

From here we hope that our designs will reach you in all their dimension or in any of them. This is our why, because we are all singular.