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Hello, world!

Welcome to Mr. Singular’s website. We are very excited to share with all of you a space where you can see what we do, where you can ask questions, suggestions and order any piece to give a touch of personality to your special corner. And of course, collaborate on projects that promote sustainable design. We like to tour the village fairs, the farmhouses, the old charms, the antique shops. And find that old object that has been left in disuse, full of dust. We like to recover it, pamper it and take out all its beauty. We decontextualize it to give it a new use, a second life. We do all this because we want to recover the art of the trade, work with the hands, and in an artisan way take care of every detail. Because it is more sustainable to recycle, to reuse, than to manufacture again. For an ecological conscience. And because ultimately we love what we do. Some people call it a vintage, industrial or recycled look. Name it as you like, but regardless of fashion we will continue working to rescue objects and materials, betting on sustainability throughout the process and to try to bring a little beauty.

On our website you can see the projects we have made and the pieces we have in stock. We give personality to spaces such as restaurants, hotels or shops. You keep that old family object you have a special fondness for and it goes from shelf to shelf? We will give him a second life to have his place in your home. There are no small projects, but opportunities to create new objects with materials from the past. That is our motivation and we want to share it with you. The more we believe in this philosophy slowlife, of responsible consumption, the more our planet will appreciate it. ¡Welcome to our little world, Mr. Singular!