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You can find us in our Showroom, by appointment:
Trinxant 130 local 1, 08041 Barcelona


(+34) 689 006 452



    Are you a craftsman or a passionate handyman and want to exploit your creativity?

    Mr. Singular looks for collaborators who follow our values, to share ideas and be part of our production process. Always with the vision of creating new unique parts by recycling, recovering materials and reusing disused objects.

    Whatever you do and wherever you’re from, convince us of your proposal and we’ll talk.

    Together we can grow this slow life movement through sustainable design and craftsmanship.

    Contact us and let’s start!

    Do you have any old objects you don’t use that only accumulate dust?

    To us they are a treasure! We recover objects such as faucets, spoons, teapots, oars, wooden rackets, old bottles, wood or any object with a unique design.
    In Mr. Singular we enhance their beauty and transform them into new objects to give them a second life and last in time, thus avoiding creating more unnecessary waste and trying to minimize our ecological footprint.

    Can we help each other?

    Are you a decorator, interior designer or architect and want to promote sustainable design?

    We will be happy to work together on projects that favor this green philosophy. Collaborate to spread a way of working more suited to these times. More friendly to our planet through the recovery and recycling of materials. Give that added value that differentiates us from the standard and create projects with more personality.

    At Mr. Singular we are always open to participating in new initiatives that bring value to our society.

    Together we are stronger!